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Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening


The BRAZILILIAN CACAU KERATIN TREATMENT by CADIVUE is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the WORLD!

AUTHENTIC & GENUINE Brazilian keratin Treatment MADE IS BRAZIL.

Brazil CACAU’s exclusive formula combines rich natural raw material and incorporates the latest BRAZILIAN KERATIN technology. Brazil CACAU reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair SMOOTHING THE CUTICLE & ELIMINATING FRIZZ while providing external protection.


• No damaging and no harsh chemicals.

• No formaldehyde!

• Results are instant!

• No need to wait 72 hours.

The minute you leave the salon, you can wash your hair, wear a pony tale, use clips and pins and it will be straight, smooth, frizz free, and EXTREMELY radiant!

Brazil CACUA’s aftercare products ensure longer lasting results.

Results last up to 3 – 4 months

The exclusive formulation of Brazil Keratin Cacau Reconstruction combines kertin, cocoa and panthenol.


The smoothing results are obtained by the following 3 important steps.

  • Anti-residue shampoo. With a ph 9 (alkaline) this opens the hair shaft to Brazil Keratin Reconstruction ph 2.8 (acidic) will be effective.

  • A combination of heat form the hair dryer and the thermal keratin iron activate the key ingredients, which are infused into the cuticle.

  • The deep Conditioning Mask, with its ph 4.5, finally equilibrates the hairs ph values. The hair is transformed into straight, smooth, frizz free and EXTREMLY shiny, for up to 2 – 4 months




We advise that clients use Brazil Keratin Cacau’s aftercare range which combines keratin, Cacau butter and Panthenol in the anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner and the leave-in. The deep conditioning mask provides extreme nourishing and replenishes the treatment softens and gives your hair shine from the roots to the ends.

These products have been developed specifically to support the maintenance of the Brazilian Keratin Cacau treatment and are very important.



Chemical Hair Straighening offers immediate results with permanent benefits.

We use a safe and effective process which leaves you with beautiful shiny hair. We also use Ionic Hair Straightening which leaves your hair beautifuly straight, shiny, silky and undamaged.

Brazzilian Keratin Reconstruction is an amazing product used to treat straight/ starightened hair leaving your hair healthy, straight and shiny!

Curly hair is bouncing back this season, to achieve and maintain your beautiful curls we offer Redkens Inner Secret Perm solution used to curl your hair.